How to motivate your staff in January

There seems to be no end in sight to January – it’s a long month – the highlights of which are back-to-school and back-to-work…and a much-anticipated payday!
The trick for management at the start of the year is to figure out how to inspire employee motivation. The idea is to create an environment in which an employee is motivated by paying attention to employee relations, communication, recognition and involvement issues that are important to your people.
Simple tips to encourage motivation:
Show respect
Get managers and supervisors to greet each staff member personally every morning.
If you run a factory, greet each worker by name and with a handshake. Make it a habit to start the day this way – it’s a no brainer that requires very little effort and that could change sentiment and result in increased productivity.
Plant seeds
Bring someone in from a different branch and let them work side-by-side with your team. Tell them to blend in and get to know the staff. This “undercover boss” approach will allow you to identify the real pain points in the workplace and to dig out natural team leaders in each department.
Demonstrate trust
Trust is earned. It takes time and relies on consistent actions.
People who are “policed” at work, are unlikely to feel that they are trusted and valued, so minimise the number of rules and policies in the work environment to demonstrate trust.
Recognize effort
We are not all Einsteins but each of us shares the same desire to be recognized for our unique talents and contributions.
Look for special effort, loyalty, integrity, and good old fashioned hard work and reward it with formal recognition. Whether it’s a company award, a letter from the MD or a simple thank you in person, it will be appreciated and will encourage continued improvements. A little recognition goes a long way so don’t use it sparingly.
Reward Salespeople
Sales people are generally driven by financial reward so don’t mess with their commission – there is no better way to create negative publicity for your company.
They are the face of your business and their task is not an easy one. Recognize their importance to the organization and remunerate them fairly, without trying to limit their earnings. The more they make, the more you make – it’s simple maths. Don’t begrudge them their high wages. Other employees may be driven by different perks like discounts on products produced by the company or additional leave – make sure you know what will motivate each person and incentivize them with it. The mutual benefit outweighs the financial cost every time.
Be relentless with questions
Honest feedback is from your employees is like free market research – it’s invaluabe in the right hands. Mine the info they provide and act on it.
Promote good hygiene
By encouraging good hygiene habits at work, staff will be able to put their best foot forward and project a positive self-image that benefits the individual and the company.
Provide a sense of safety
Beyond the secure walls of the establishment, safety at work also relies on the fact that individuals will not be bullied, treated unfairly or taken for granted. Nobody can give of their best if they feel threatened in any way. Provide a sense of job security by communicating with your employees. They need to know your long-term plans so that they can contribute and work toward mutual goals.
So instead of slogging it out till payday at the end of Jan, make every day count.