Is your mall clean enough?

Cleaning large-scale malls with high levels of foot traffic around the clock is not for the faint of heart. It’s a job best left to the professionals.
How often do you need to step around someone cleaning the floor in a mall? It must be one of the least rewarding jobs around. If, like many of us, cooking merely leaves you with loads of dishes and wondering what to serve for the next meal, imagine what it would be like to clean floors only to have hundreds of feet walking all over it before you’re even done! That’s the challenge faced at retail level.
Over utilised restroom facilities are nasty. They stink, they’re generally wet and damp and if left to choose, chances are we’d rather wait it out till we’re home! The thought of all those germs is enough to make you sick.
Imagine having to clean up after those people with less than desirable toilet etiquette… It deserves a medal. The fact remains that these facilities are over utilised and require specialist deep cleaning to keep them hygienically fresh. This is where cleaning meets hygiene to make it work. The hygiene stuff includes the soap dispensers, the disposable bins, the hand dryers and the air fresheners. The cleaning job is left to the staff on duty. Their working hours are long and conditions less than desirable. That’s why at Red Alert, we take special pride in our Cleaning Division where a number of our employees have endured and stayed with us for years. They are dedicated and committed to the task and we applaud them.
The purpose of retail window space is to display promotions that will entice shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash. It follows then that these windows need to be sparkling clean all the time and that’s a big job, usually done off peak shopping hours.
Parking Areas
Let’s face it, if there was litter floating around the parking lot outside the mall you wouldn’t be encouraged to hang around. Malls by their very nature draw us in to spend time there. We meet friends over coffee or take in a movie. We browse and we chat. It’s a whole outing, an experience we savour. That’s why every aspect is taken care of to ensure a clean and neat appearance.
So next time you’re at the mall, check to see if it meets your expectations of cleanliness and if you’re the manager, call us to help you clean up for better business.