Tips for safe holiday travel

According to the Green Peace Index (GPI), Iceland is the safest holiday destination on the globe! If you’re planning a mid-year break and want something a little closer to home than Iceland, there are still some unexplored treasures along our beautiful coastline that are safe for families looking for some adventure.
The West Coast
Blanketed by the cold Atlantic Ocean, the West Coast offers stark contrasts for photographers. It is an arid strip that is sparsely populated, making it ideal for a quiet getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of our city centres. There are a number of small towns all the way up the west coast that are both delightful and safe. St. Helena Bay, Yzerfontein and Churchhaven are all wonderful choices.
The Wild Coast
On the other side of our coastline is the Wild Coast, one of our last remaining untouched regions and home to some of the best beaches in the land. Port St John’s offers visitors sublime relaxation in picturesque and unspoiled terrain. We also love Hole in the Wall – a must-see for travellers along this stretch of coast. Kidd’s Beach, close to East London offers tourists a glimpse of years gone by. It is a quiet village that is a nod to an era when children roamed freely. Bring bicycles and walking shoes to enjoy this little gem and all the charm that is has to offer.
There are a number of things you can do to ensure your safety:
1. Never wear expensive jewellery and don’t carry large amounts of cash.
2. Be aware of ATM theft. Do cash withdrawals at major retailers instead.
3. If you are travelling long distances, make sure you have a spare tyre and a charged cell-phone on you at all times. Keep a map and GPS system on hand to avoid getting lost. Always ensure you have enough fuel for eventualities. It is best to top up regularly.
4. Never stop for any hitch-hiker or other person seemingly in trouble on the open road. Drive on and report the incident to the Police. The emergency number is 10111.
5. When travelling to remote areas, check with the locals to determine the best route. Some roads are only accessible with SUV’s and it’s best to find out before you set off. For up-to-date information on safety, the
National Tourism Information and Safety number is 083 123 2345.
Typically, your insurance and security company will offer roadside assistance so keep contact numbers on hand for emergencies.