Train staff about hygiene matters

The importance of good hygiene at work cannot be stressed enough. Not only does it lead to a healthier workplace for all but it also reduces absenteeism and contributes to a happier and more productive workforce.
Many people either don’t know about good personal hygiene or have not had access to the facilities that enable them to practice good hygiene. As employers, it makes good business sense to teach people to practice good hygiene and it should ideally become part of the training schedule and company training manual.
Start by inserting hand wipes into packets with a little note from HR. Think of something that alludes to your core values or service offering. Try something like, ‘Thank you for your valuable contribution to our success this month. Remember, a good handshake starts with clean hands so get into the habit of washing yours regularly.’
Set up a whatsapp group for various teams and send messages that are related to their work function that tie in with the hygiene theme. “Every Monday is another chance to put your best foot forward at work. Make sure your feet look good and smell fresh. Wash and dry feet thoroughly. Keep nails trimmed and use clean socks daily”
Put educational personal hygiene posters in communal bathrooms. Toilet door posters can speak to the importance of feminine hygiene and the need to keep things fresh. Posters at the hand dryer or near mirrors can educate people about clean and neat hair at work and reminders to flush and wash hands. Make it easier for staff by always keeping soap dispensers full and clean hand towels on hand. Leave deodorant in the bathrooms for emergency use. Consider supplying toothbrushes and toothpaste in the first aid kit! Stress the importance of good oral hygiene, especially for sales teams and supervisors.
Initiate a wellness week once a year and invite Dis-Chem or Discovery to your office to do a health check and address the staff about issues that affect hygiene and wellness.
The idea is to keep the conversation going so that this doesn’t fall by the wayside.