December is usually filled to the brim with social events and celebrations.

Make sure that those close to you know where you are going and when you are due back.

It’s shopping season and its peak season for pickpockets.

The trick is to avoid becoming distracted when laden down with bags.

If you’re planning a getaway and have a monitored alarm or access control system,

call us to update your emergency contact details before you leave.

If you are going on vacation,

put lights on an automatic timer and get your neighbours to pop in from time to time.

Get your tree up

but be mindful about where you place it so that it isn’t a beacon to thieves.

Once the festivities are over,

recycle your waste and don’t leave boxes in plain sight as burglars will be on the look-out for expensive equipment.

Courier and food delivery people will not ask to enter your home and won’t be offended if you ask to see their ID. Don’t allow strangers access to your home.

Update alarm system signage to deter thieves and

activate your alarm when you leave the premises to run errands.

Even though your instinct is to share your holiday pics on your social pages, don’t do it till you’re back home!

Be aware of your belongings while you’re out at social events and having a good time.

Don’t be tempted to accept a lift with a stranger so that you can linger at parties. It’s best to play it safe.

Take a moment to

make duplicates of important documents and keep spare sets of home and car keys in a safe place.