State of the nation

Ever considered that there’s more to the state of our nation than the state of our exchange or interest rate? That perhaps the state of our cities and minds is as important, if not more so, than the current value of the rand.
Cleanliness has no currency but its value is great nonetheless. The loss of foreign investment owing to dirty streets is indeed measurable. According to The Foundation for the Development of Africa, “It takes a concerted effort to keep a town clean. No matter how poor, there is no reason to live in squalor. A clean environment leads to a positive attitude. This positive approach attracts investment. Investment leads to development and ultimately, wealth creation.”
The concept of creating an investment climate with communities is actualised through positive participation. Local economic development needs to be the responsibility of the communities as much as that of the government for sustainable development to become a reality.
Local development is reliant on investment , local and foreign, and in order to attract investment, good infrastructure and service delivery is essential. Service excellence is the fruit of good leadership and in our communities, leadership can come from private business.
Ultimately, the state of our cities depends on us as individuals. Regardless of the fact that it should be the responsibility of municipalities, if each of us changed our habits, there would be less litter and more investment. The change comes from within.
We are compelled to do our bit. Failing that, sustainable development is the stuff of textbooks. Communities need to take responsibility and take appropriate action to improve their circumstances. Business can only thrive where there is law and order and favourable trading conditions. If you want to build a business from home, make sure you start with your backyard, your street and your suburb. Gather support from your neighbours and be part of the change that you want to see in the world.
That’s how we make South Africa great. Together.